Welcome to GoMatrixHosting!

Here at GoMatrixHosting we offer Matrix instance hosting. With our help you can easily own your own matrix service at your own domain. It’s the ideal online collaboration tool for your next venture. You can read more about the matrix here.

We can customise a Matrix instance for your organisation. Your Matrix instance will include:

  • Matrix service (eg: matrix.yourdomain.com)
  • Element service to give you a pre-configured web client (eg: element.yourdomain.com)
  • Jitsi service for digital conferencing (eg: jitsi.yourdomain.com)
  • Tools to manage your instance over time.

Our Matrix services can run alongside your existing website, while allowing users to be addressed with your websites existing domain. Eg: @bob:yourdomain.com

You can also choose to have us run your ‘base domain’ for you, so if you have nothing on ‘yourdomain.com’ then we can host it for you, and allow you to customize it into a rich multi-file website.

Why our service is different:

  • You can bring your own hardware and have our system manage it for you.
  • Easy export/import and backup of your services data.
  • No hard limits on the amount of users that connect to a server.
  • As a FLOSS project, this AWX setup can be run by anyone.

Follow us on GitLab and GitHub.

DigitalOcean Pricing

Plan Title#UsersCPUsRAMStorageMonthly Cost
Small Server252vCPU4GB80GB$75
Medium Server504vCPU8GB160GB$150
Large Server1008vCPU16GB320GB$300
Jumbo Server500+Email us for a quote!
Available DigitalOcean plans from GoMatrixHosting

On-Premises Pricing

Plan Title#UsersRecommended HardwarePremium SupportMonthly Cost
Small Server252vCPU, 4GB RAMYes$75
Medium Server504vCPU, 8GB RAMYes$150
Large Server1008vCPU, 16GB RAMYes$300
Jumbo Server500+Email us for a quote!
Available On-Premises plans from GoMatrixHosting