GoMatrixHosting is here!

We’re proud to announce that after 10 months of creating it, GoMatrixHosting is finally open for business!

This free and open source hosting system is an extension of the popular ansible deploy script for Matrix, our setup provides an interface to let users configure their own Matrix service! Members can be assigned a server from DigitalOcean, or they can connect their on-premises server. This AWX system can manage the updates, configuration, import and export, backups, and monitoring on its own.

With your help we’ll continue trying to create tools that can be used by anyone interested in running Matrix services. It is our hope that the software we create can help accelerate global Matrix adoption. We’re excited about Matrix as it’s an open standard for secure and decentralized communication, a modern collaboration tool that doesn’t vendor lock you.

We currently support credit card payments via Stripe, also we’ve created a Youtube series to guide new users through the process of setting up their own server. So experience Matrix today with a server for your friends or coworkers from gomatrixhosting.com!

Interested in this project? Check us out on GitLab or come say hello in our Matrix room.