The Journey to v0.6

We’ve made good progress on our journey to create a free software Matrix hosting system with AWX! AWX is an automation platform for configuration management. You can run Ansible jobs across many hosts and organisational structures, and manage your very own Matrix servers, all from a point-and-click web page.

For a description of the project please visit the create-awx-system

Since v0.5 (2021-06) we have seen the following improvements:

  • Revision of the backup and recovery process for client servers, the backups are now more efficient and less downtime occurs during recovery.
  • Optional Wireguard server deployment for on-premises servers that don’t have a public IP address or have other networking issues preventing hosting.
  • More extensive server metrics, we now read performance metrics from the backup and wireguard servers.
  • Added a new ‘prometheus_retention_period’ variable to the AWX system to adjust the number of days server metrics are collected for.
  • Document and test the upgrade/downgrade of subscriptions.
  • Added automated upgrades for client servers so that updates can be rolled out automatically within the hour.
  • Alter end-subscription logic, schedules deletion after 0 (immediate) to N hours and stops the matrix services. Data export is still possible before deletion. The deletion can be cancelled by the administrator, removing the schedule and starting the Matrix services again.
  • Lots of minor fixes as well as documentation fixes.

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