About Us

GoMatrixHosting is a Matrix hosting company created to help organisations utilise Matrix for their communication needs. Matrix is a a new communication protocol that’s modern, flexible, open, distributed and secure. It’s superior in my opinion to other communication technologies because it doesn’t wall in users, it’s not another company or smartphone app, it’s an open standard anyone can make client or server software for, just like email.

There is a disturbing trend in modern society where people are becoming more normalised to being surveilled and having their data monetised. This ends up being detrimental to your privacy, to free expression, the free press, even democracy. It also erodes peoples trust in institutions. The full scope and effect of this social cooling becomes hard to percieve, and only intensifies as technology becomes more integrated in our lives.

Our AWX system is an extension of the most popular Matrix server deployment script around. It allows users to more easily deploy and configure this script using a graphical AWX interface. It can be used both in a commercial setting with WordPress/MemberPress as well as a non-commercial setting. Our goal is to make quality Matrix hosting tools that help grow the Matrix network.

Matrix is refreshing as it allows for privacy, security and censorship resistance on an internet that that is continually being restricted, invaded and undermined by governments around the globe. With Matrix you don’t need to worry about your client being backdoored since you can choose from a variety of clients from different authors that will all work with your server.

Thank you for choosing GoMatrixHosting, we look forward to helping you set up and use Matrix for your next venture.

– Michael Collins
GoMatrixHosting Founder

Meet the Team

We are a group of Matrix enthusiasts looking to build tools that help people easily deploy and manage Matrix servers.