Are you the Matrix project?

No, we are not a part of the Matrix project, nor are we a part of the Matrix Foundation. We are a group of Matrix enthusiasts and privacy advocates wishing to make server management tools that can help increase Matrix adoption.

Why should I use GoMatrixHosting instead of Element.io?

You might consider us if you are looking for a Matrix provider without hard maximum user limits, or if you would like the option of running your own AWX setup later, or simply if you think it’s a cool project.

How do I get my own domain?

You need to create an account at a domain name provider and register a web address. We recommend https://www.namesilo.com/. Once you have picked a web address we can construct your matrix instance there.

Can I change my domain name later?

Yes. But to start again at a new address you would end up having to remake all your user accounts, unless your accounts are from an external identity store.

How will I control my matrix instance?

You will specify an initial user account which will be made. This user will be promoted to ‘server admin’ and have extra controls over the service. Such as resetting a users password or deactivating an account.

Do I need to moderate it?

Yes. You are responsible for your matrix service and are expected to moderate any publicly visible rooms that exist on it.

Can I call you for support queries?

No, we do not offer phone support unless otherwise stated.

What payment options are available?

Currently Stripe is the only payment method we offer.

Can I write you a bug report?

Yes please! Issues can be opened on our GitLab page: https://gitlab.com/GoMatrixHosting

Although we mirror out repositories to GitHub we do not allow opening issues there.

Where can I report misuse of these services?

Please contact the owner of that server first, if you can’t resolve the issue with them feel free to email us at: abuse@gomatrixhosting.com

I have another question?

Check the Matrix.org FAQ or come ask for help on Matrix #support:gomatrixhosting.com

We also offer support through email: support@gomatixhosting.com

It may take up to 24 hours for us to respond to your support query.